“The impact is transformative over a period of time- if done correctly” Saad Khalid (CIO, M.M) Organisations seek to grow. The formula for growth is interesting and one that any entrepreneur will want to decipher. Spend less time and get more out of it. Why would you want to do it any other way? There… Continue reading How Digitalisation Amplifies Business Growth

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation and automation drive. Having interacted with clients across Pakistan, the wider MEA region and Europe, the starting point in introducing RPA is to not start with RPA. Our experience with our clients indicates that the starting point is to engage the process business users and process owners… Continue reading Embarking on Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Most Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platforms are designed to automate the processes with structured data as input, derived from a structured source like a spreadsheet or a database. One of the critical challenges RPA platforms face during automation is to deal with the information that is unstructured or semi-structured. Regardless of any industry, most of… Continue reading Autosphere’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Service – AutoIDP

We take pride in announcing that M.M. and Salesforces have signed a consulting partnership agreement. The purpose is to provide Salesforce services to our clients across the UK, Pakistan, Qatar, and the Gulf region. A Salesforce coalition is rare in the region, and the partnership will open many paths for future attainments. M.M. will assist… Continue reading Salesforce joins hands with M.M.

#MWC 21

A Vision for Digital Enablement Transforming the Global Telecom Industry Through AutomationFrom the beginning, M.M. is focused on developing solutions for telecom operators. Since its inception, M.M. has been successfully delivering projects in the thematic area of digital transformation. Over the years, M.M. has moved into other industries and is now serving 20 different global… Continue reading #MWC 21

Robotic process automation is designed and implemented to replace repetitive and boring clerical task performed by humans, with a virtual workforce. RPA aims to takeover all the mundane tasks that require no logical input from HR but act as essential component in the progression of business. Autosphere, in collaboration with M.M., is set to empower… Continue reading Accelerate your Robotic Process Automation Journey with Autosphere

Human resource act as a catalyst for any business and no company can scale without their workforce. Diverse workforce in any facility can raise the variety of perspective, potential for creativity, higher employ engagement and all of this leading to increased productivity. Now who doesn’t want that. We are proud to announce that in collaboration… Continue reading Staffing Redefined

At M.M. we have been providing world-class organizations with cutting-edge technology since 2013. This time, we joined hands with HBL, the largest domestic, corporate and investment banks in Pakistan, to provide a solution for a long-standing concern. M.M. has crafted a chatbot to assist HBL in resolving HR-related queries with minimal effort. Employee queries are… Continue reading HR chatbot from M.M. set to take quality of life at HBL to new levels

Rider and driver safety has always been of paramount importance at Uber. Uber has been searching for ways to improve ride safety and identified video streaming as a potential solution. However, this presented its own unique set of technical challenges. Enter our strategic partners, Grip Mobility and a concept that would later become ‘Sentinel’. As… Continue reading Uber – working to improve rider and driver safety

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 took place on Monday June 28 to Thursday, July 1 in Barcelona. Hailed as the world’s biggest mobile event of the year, it was an exciting 4 days. Delegates attended from all over the world, both in person and virtually.  We wanted to know what happened and how important this year’s event was… Continue reading MWC- Insights for 2021 from Taimur Khalid CEO of Mercurial Minds

What is Digitalisation

“The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think.” — Simeon Preston, Bupa. Digitalisation is no longer an option for business. It’s a necessity. COVID-19 has accelerated the thought processes of all companies regarding the way they operate.   Seeing some companies wrap up business and others flourish with the challenges of the… Continue reading Common Doubts – Digital Transformation

It would not be an understatement to say Covid-19 has changed the world that we are living in today. While the crisis is still going on as the world faces the fourth wave and new variants, we are seeing the future unfold. Two developments have happened that are in themselves unprecedented. One is the continuation of organizations to shift to work from homes for their employees as a permanent set… Continue reading Digital Transformation is the Only Option for Businesses today.